Chairman's Message

Dear Stakeholders,

I believe the 40th anniversary of Al Fajar Al Alamia Co. SAOG (formerly Hajar Explosives) is both an occasion for thanksgiving and renewing our commitment to face the challenges in the coming years.

From a very modest start in 1979 when our beloved Founder, Brian W. Ritchie, set up a small industrial explosives factory and storage facilities in Al Hajar near Al Amerat, we have come a long way to take the prominent position of the premium industrial explosives dealer and drilling & blasting operator in the Sultanate of Oman.

We lift our hearts in gratitude to God for His blessings and guidance.

This long journey witnessed many important events that tremendously contributed to the growth of the Group:

• Al Fajar Al Alamia Co. SAOG was formed in 1997, taking over Hajar Explosives, offering shares to the public via the Muscat Securities Market.

• We established explosives plants and storage facilities at strategic locations across the Sultanate.

• We own and operate in excess of 70 rock drilling rigs.

• As part of the forward integration plan, we acquired four rock drilling & blasting companies between 2010 and 2013, three in the Sultanate and one in the UAE.

• Recently, to widen its repertoire, the Group decided to enter into the mining industry and rock quarrying business. In addition to rock products, we are also seriously looking at expanding into mining of other minerals, such as gypsum limestone, etc. Apart from catering to domestic markets, we are planning to sell to international markets.

• Al Fajar is in the process of setting up an industrial explosives factory and storage facilities in the Emirate of Fujairah in the UAE in association with Fujairah Holding that will be commissioned in the second half of 2019. This venture will uplift the profitability of our UAE drilling & blasting operation and add good value to the Group.

We are aggressively expanding both vertically and horizontally, in Oman and abroad. Our market share in existing business of explosives and drilling & blasting remains high, and is growing each year. We are enhancing our capacities in Oman to meet the growing market share and establishing new businesses abroad in countries such as the UAE, African countries, etc.

I believe our current thrust is on the right track and, as we march forward to our next 40 years, we aim to re-invigorate our strength and capabilities to make us most successful in all our business ventures.

Our growth has only been possible because of the wise and able leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, and I offer my humble and sincere thanks to the visionary leader. I pray that God Almighty bless him with health and long life.

The Royal Oman Police controls the industrial explosives industry in the Sultanate in a very professional manner, and I thank them for their continued guidance and support. I also thank all the Ministries and other organisations for their guidance and assistance that are essential for our business.

Many people have been critical to this journey. Today I want to pay tribute to our valuable customers whose unstinting trust has tremendously assisted us in our progress, to my able colleagues on the Board, to the Management and other employees who have loyally served us over the years, our bankers, suppliers, service providers and other stakeholders.


Mr. Saleem bin Qassim bin Ahmed Al Zawawi

Chairman, Al Fajar Al Alamia Co. S.A.O.G.